How to Find a Provider Who Is Conscientious of Sukkah on Short Notice

// posted by Vic Santiago on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Aug 29

There are many ways awnings can come in handy, but finding them on short notice can be tough. However, at Dean Custom Awnings, we provide the best quality awnings for our clients within a timeframe that works for them. That includes the important awnings for Sukkah, the Jewish ceremonial structure. We are available to work with you on your timeframe by setting up a consultation for your awning requirements with a free estimate.

So, to help you cut down on time, let’s take a look at what Sukkah is and how Dean Custom Awnings can help you make your ideal structure.

Sukkah: What Is It?

Sukkah is a booth with three sides and a covering that is used during Sukkot, which is the festival of Tabernacles.

When looking for a company to help with your Sukkah preparations, it helps to work with one that understands the needs for the festival and can work with you to fulfill your specific requirements. At Dean Custom Awnings, that’s the case for all projects, including installation of awnings for Sukkah.

Sukkah: Where Can You Find It?

Sukkah awnings are one of the many offerings Dean Custom Awnings has, and we are the leader in installation and service with our vinyl fabric and frame materials, all of which are of the highest quality. We have a wide range of options for patterns and colors to enhance the appeal of your Sukkah structure, as well.

Brooklyn, Rockland Country, Monroe, Monsey and Lakewood are some of the Jewish communities Dean Custom Awnings has worked with in the past. We will travel up to 180 miles to deliver the products, although products can be shipped throughout the United States and internationally when the need arises.

Don’t take our word on how fast and convenient our customer service is! Just look at what Bery Eisenbach said on our website:

“Best Customer Service. Called For A Estimate. Tino Came Down A Few Hours Later. Awning Was Installed Next Day. Amazing Customer Service From Tino.”

And Ana Flores:

“I needed an awning to be installed the following week. I called a few awning companies and all of them told me three to six weeks. I kept trying on Google until I found Dean Custom Awnings. I called them in the morning, they came that afternoon, gave me the price same day, which was a very reasonable price and promise me, they will have it installed the following week. They finished it Thursday the following week, the way they promised and it was done better than what I expected it. Thank you so much.”

So, if that sort of customer service and timeline sounds good to you, Dean Custom Awnings is ready to help you fill your Sukkah requirements, even on short notice.

For more information on Sukkah awnings contact us today to speak with a representative.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Price: Dean Custom Awnings Has Both

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Aug 22

If you’re looking for the top awnings, that doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar. And Dean Custom Awnings is the perfect example of that.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we have been focused for three generations on providing the best quality awnings in a timely fashion—they look appealing, too. But all of that doesn’t have to come at a major cost. At Dean Custom Awnings, we will give you a free estimate for your awning needs, and we can assure you that our goal of delivering quality, value, and service will be met along the way. So, before you invest in an awning, let’s take a look at how Dean Custom Awnings can help you save money while making sure you’re satisfied with the product you’re receiving.

Dean Custom Awnings Quality

At Dean Custom Awnings, we have multiple options for your awning needs. We can help you with personal, business, retractable, roll up and/or Sukkah awnings, all of which are designed to add function to your property while saving you money, too. We offer multiple styles, including scallop designs, as well as a wide range of color options and frame styles.

We also provide online showrooms, digital renderings, and photos, so you can see how one of our awnings might look on the outside of your home or commercial business. After all, when you have a good idea of what it looks like beforehand, you’ll feel rest assured that the investment you’re making is a good one. You also can see examples of some of our latest projects, including the Riverside Yacht Club’s new multi-awning install in Riverside, Conn., and the Brewers Yacht Haven Marina stationary canopy in Stamford, Conn.

Dean Custom Awnings Price

All projects are different, but at Dean Custom Awnings, we are ready to work with you to make sure the estimate process is pain-free. We can either set up an appointment for us to take a look at the project, or you can receive a free estimate right on our website.

If you’re looking for an in-person estimate, we have offices in Orangeburg, N.Y. and Stamford, Conn., and we’re always happy to speak more with you over the phone about what you’re looking for. In total, we serve the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania areas.

Customer Examples of Dean Quality and Price

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Here are a couple of customer reviews to give you more insight into the quality and price available at Dean Custom Awnings.

William S., Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.: "A truly great company. They performed smoothly, fast at a reasonable price. Highly recommended."

Jonathan Z., Scarsdale, N.Y.: "They were fast, caring, professional and honest. Being a son of a father that was in the home improvement business for over 50 years, I know good work. I would recommend Vic to anyone."

For more information on the quality and price of awnings at Dean Custom Awnings, be sure to contact us today to speak with a representative.

Where to Find the Best Commercial Custom Awnings in Connecticut

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Aug 15

Are you looking for an edge over your competition? Dean Custom Awnings can help. With our product, you can spruce up your business and improve its quality by finding the best commercial custom awnings in Connecticut.

Commercial awnings have a much higher return on investment than many business owners in Connecticut might suspect. A commercial custom awning lends more professionalism to your business and spruces up the appearance of the exterior of your brick-and-mortar locations.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we know how important every last detail is when it comes to successfully running your business, and we’re proud to play a role in that success by offering the highest quality commercial custom awnings you can find in Connecticut.

Here’s a look at where to find the best commercial custom awnings in Connecticut, and why investing in our product is a savvy business decision.

Commercial Custom Awnings in Connecticut: Professional, Practical, and Economically Smart 

Whether you're a property manager, renting out to tenants, or running your own business, everyone who walks through your doors will feel that things are trending in the right direction if they notice a new, customized awning out front.

Aside from increasing the curb appeal and cachet of your business or commercial property, commercial custom awnings serve two more very important functions: customized awnings provide information about your business, and they help lower your cooling expenses by reducing heat gain during the hotter months.

Grab Attention and Spread Your Contact Information 

A customized commercial awning can impart critical bits of information to people looking for your business.

On top of that, motorists and pedestrians passing by can pick up the gist of your message – just a quick glance at your awning makes them aware of the name of your business, your business’ logo, and the telephone number or email address that they should use to get in touch.

There are potential customers out there who need the services that you're providing but simply don't know that your business exists – yet. Commercial custom awnings can change all that and put your business on the map. You can choose the logo design, color scheme, and awning type most suitable to your business.

Without a doubt, a commercial awning can really make you stand out from the competition and turn heads.

Dean Custom Awnings Works Closely with Connecticut Businesses

Dean Custom Awnings works with businesses, schools, and public enterprises in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.

Delivering quality and exceptional value without losing sight of responsive customer service has been the driving force behind Dean Custom Awnings' work for more than half a century.

Many of our commercial awnings come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a ten-year warranty on the fabrics. Dean Custom Awnings also has partnered with the North East Canvas Products Association, Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, and Industrial Fabrics Association International in order to bring the highest quality commercial custom awnings in Connecticut to more businesses.

Dean Custom Awnings has two locations—one in Stamford, Connecticut, and another in Orangeburg, New York.

Custom Commercial Awnings: Quick and Affordable

Business owners are usually surprised at how quickly and affordably a custom awning can be designed and installed on their property.

Dean Custom Awnings can efficiently install your awning and even provide a digital rendering of what your awning will look like once installed. This will allow you to "test drive" your new awning before actually having it installed. You'll see just how much of a difference an awning with your company's name, brand, colors, and contact information can make.

But you don’t just have to take our word for the impact.

Lara, from Norwalk, Connecticut, writes that the Dean Custom Awnings service team “were quick and professional and finished the job on time."

William, another Dean customer, found that "they [Dean Custom Awnings] performed smoothly, fast [and] at a reasonable price."

The truth is that commercial custom awnings in Connecticut can be installed quickly and are priced much more affordably than you might initially guess. Plus, when you consider the return on investment of commercial custom awnings in Connecticut, then you start to realize that a custom awning might just pay for itself very quickly.

Get LEED Certified and Lower Your Energy Expenses 

The Green Building Council has what it calls LEED certification to mark businesses that are taking their carbon footprint seriously.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and getting LEED certification could have a number of benefits for your business, your community, your staff, and the environment. 

As it turns out, taking steps toward getting LEED certified can also dramatically lower your energy expenses. Shading a glass front door and windows on your property with customized awnings can create a more aesthetically pleasing exterior to your business and reduce heat gain from building up throughout the day.

Heat gain is essentially the temperature boost that your indoor facility could receive as solar rays from the sun enter your property and warm it up throughout the day.

Commercial window awnings can significantly cut down on heat gain and require you to use a lot less AC to cool down your property. It's a win-win-win for your business, your community, and the environment.

If you're a business owner in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania and want to find out more about designing, purchasing, and installing a custom commercial awning, then get in touch with Dean Custom Awnings today for a free estimate and to discuss the ideas you have for your business.

How Custom Retractable Awnings Improve Your Quality of Life

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Aug 08

From a stylish addition, to a savvy, cost-saving renovation, to simply allowing you to better enjoy the comfort of your own home, custom retractable awnings are a quick way to improve your quality of life at home.

What if we told you there was one simple step you could take as a homeowner that had the ability to put you more at ease and improve your quality of life?

Of course, that’s the type of trick we’d wish upon a magic genie should we ever get the chance. Fortunately, Dean Custom Awnings is the genie you don’t need to wish for.

At Dean, our custom retractable awnings are the solution to several of your woes, and are a practical way to beat the heat, improve the resale value of your home, upgrade your style, provide comfort and protection, and more. As a result, this simple solution is a great way to improve your quality of life.

Custom retractable awnings have personal, aesthetic, and economic benefits for you and your family, and are quickly becoming one of the most popular home renovation products people turn to. With an awning from Dean, you can enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve while improving your home's value, curb appeal, and usability.

Here’s a closer look at how:

Extend Your Living Space and Enjoy More of Life 

Adding a custom retractable awning to your home even made HGTV's "10 Ways to Add Value to Homes" list, which discusses how adding an awning to your backyard increases your home's total living space. 

The idea is that by adding a retractable awning to your family's sunroom or outdoor deck, you increase the amount of usable space that your home offers. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy more of your home — and very well could end up increasing your home's resale value if you ever plan to sell. 

Retractable awnings at Dean Custom Awnings are tailored to your family's style and needs. To ensure that you continue to enjoy your awning, we offer a lifetime warranty on your retractable awning's frame and a ten-year warranty on the motor and fabric. 

That kind of extended warranty makes sure you get the greatest benefits your awning has to offer.

Convenience at the Push of a Button 

Consumer Affairs found those benefits pretty impressive, highlighting, like HGTV, that retractable awnings allow you extend your home's usable space, as well as other benefits like safely enjoying the afternoon sun, and improving your home's aesthetics. And you can do all that with the push of a button. 

You have the option to power your custom retractable awning with a motor that unfurls its unique fabric. That fabric itself comes in many varieties and colors that you can hand pick and efficiently have installed in your home.

Many homeowners who already have home retractable awnings say that their backyard feels like a private oasis. You’ll also feel more comfortable opening that oasis to others, should you choose to do so, knowing that you have the comfort and style a custom retractable awning from Dean brings with it. 

Block the Sun, Not the View

Owning a retractable awning gives you more options. Whether the sun's too bright, the rain decides to make an appearance, or you're getting a bit of late-fall snow, you can simply unfurl your retractable awning and create your own sanctuary.

Stay Cool and Protected

Retractable awnings block out some of the nastier elements that Mother Nature can throw your way — awnings can block harmful UV-A and UV-B (ultraviolet) rays to help keep your family safe throughout the sunny spring and summer months.

Because awnings can block the sun's damaging UV rays, the Skin Cancer Foundation has started recommending that people buy awnings to stay protected. This means your awning can help protect your skin and eye health while enjoying the weather. Awnings are among the products that have received the Foundation's seal of recommendation

To be sure you receive that benefit, our awnings come with fabric that's UV-ray resistant. UV ray-resistant fabric has three properties that differentiate it from lower quality awnings: protection against fading, damage, and sunlight incursion. 

This means that your colors won't fade, the sun's UV rays won't degrade your awning's fabric and cause damage, and that sunlight won't penetrate through the fabric and harm your family. It's all about staying cool and protected.

Prevent Furniture From Fading Prematurely 

Blocking UV rays also helps to ensure that your outdoor furniture doesn't get too much sun. Furniture left out on your deck or in your sunroom can actually get the brunt of the sun's harmful rays and start to fade over time. This can lead to premature deterioration of outdoor chairs, couches, and other kinds of furniture.

Even furniture in your sunroom could be unprotected since many older windows didn't come with UV protection. Fortunately, an awning can block the sun's most damaging rays and prevent your furniture from fading prematurely. 

Awnings Recommended by U.S. Department of Energy 

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homeowners consider awnings. Why? Because home awnings help reduce heat gain—the transfer of heat into your home from the sun (i.e., solar radiation). Doing so helps to keep your energy expenses down. 

Our custom retractable awnings can help reduce solar heat gain by up to 77 percent for your back patio or west-facing window, which often take the brunt of the sun’s intensity as the days grows older the and the sun sets in the west.

The beautiful thing about retractable awnings is that when you actually want the sun to heat your home in the winter, you can roll up the awning's fabric and get a little extra heat the natural way.

Ready to learn more about how awnings can help improve your quality of life? Get in touch with a representative at Dean Custom Awnings today!

How to Identify the Best Custom Retractable Awnings

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Aug 01

No porch or patio is complete without its own custom retractable awnings, and the benefits of having one greatly outweigh the alternative. Here’s a look at how to identify your perfect match.

The best custom retractable awnings can make a big difference in your home life. From the look and style you crave to other perks like energy management and savings, having the perfect custom retractable awning is a must for every homeowner.

But how can you know which options are the right ones?

We’ll take a closer look at how to identify great custom retractable awnings in this post, but here’s an overview of some of the things we’ll talk about:

      The best custom retractable awnings are going to be tailored to your needs and provide years of reliable service and convenience.

      They’ll also come with a generous warranty on both the motor and fabrics. You shouldn't have to sacrifice affordability or friendly customer service in your search for the best retractable awning for your home or business.

      The benefits that Dean Custom Awnings offers, and a look at our entire gallery, including the extremely popular 1150 Series retractable awning  -- which comes with a lifetime warranty on the awning's frame and a ten-year warranty on the custom fabrics and motor.

Let’s dive in to figure out how to identify the best custom retractable awnings.

Pick Custom Retractable Awnings That Fit Your Needs 

Every homeowner has slightly different needs depending on their priorities, their home construction, and their home's orientation.

Fitting a custom retractable awning to your westward-facing window or porch makes the most sense, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, who found that doing so reduced solar heat gain by 77 percent or more.

This means that you can improve the aesthetics of your home and cut your cooling expenses dramatically in the summer by choosing to go with custom retractable awnings. 

Choose Custom Retractable Awnings with Improved Fabric Materials 

The fabric on today's awnings has really improved, and Dean Custom Awnings continues to keep pace with those improvements. At Dean, we use polyvinyl laminate and durable acrylic materials for its awning fabrics so that your awning lasts longer. 

Using these durable synthetic materials in your awning's fabric significantly lowers color fading over time, prevents mold or water accumulation, and reflects more sunlight away from the awning for more protection and convenience. 

Custom retractable awnings with improved fabrics are better at reducing glare, solar heat gain, and UV rays from entering your home. This means that your furniture won't fade prematurely and that you and your family will remain safe, cool, and comfortable throughout the hotter months. 

Versatile Awnings for East- and West-Facing Decks, Porches, Windows 

If you have a back porch or window that faces the east or west, it's beneficial to go with a home awning that has side coverings and extenders that can provide additional shielding.

The reason is that both early morning sun from the east and late afternoon sun from the west can send in rays at a sideways angle. Awnings are typically designed to prevent direct sunlight hitting your deck, porch, or window from the south. 

Homes aren't always designed accordingly, though, which is why you should be looking at custom retractable awnings that can fit your needs.

Dean Custom Awnings offers the 950 Series retractable awning that overcomes these issues by coming with special fabrics designed to repel heat and provide ample protection against east-west sunlight from slipping in. You can customize the 950 Series so that you can retract the awning in or out as far as you like with the help of an electric motor. 

This classic design works extremely well over decks, solariums, and sunrooms, and the 950 Series has also has received stellar reviews in commercial applications such as schools and offices. 

The Best Custom Retractable Awnings are Tailored to Your Style 

Because we use dyed acrylic to color your custom retractable awning's fabric, you'll still have amazing color retention years after making your purchase. There are also a variety of binding colors and awning styles to choose from whether you're a homeowner or small business owner looking to expand. 

You can obviously pick any style or color scheme that suits you but bear in mind that awnings featuring lighter colors are better able to reflect sunlight -- although the acrylic that we use does a great job of preventing solar heat gain no matter the color. 

Plus, we offer a full color pallet for you to choose for your awning.  From natural, ivory, and vanilla, to navy and black, the customizable choices are at your fingertips with a full spectrum of color available. 

Speaking of choice, the best custom retractable awnings are also going to feature a tremendous selection of awning styles as well. At Dean, you'll find a huge selection ranging from scalloped and traditional to more ornate designs. 

Sometimes, though, the awning's purpose really dictates a particular kind of design. Business entrances sometimes call for an arched-top stationary, gabled entry, or European dome style for the best look. It really depends on the application. 

Dean Custom Awnings: Hard Work for Your Benefit 

The staff at Dean Custom Awnings will collaborate with you and even provides digital renderings of what your finished awning will look like once it's installed.

That’s all part of our customer satisfaction guarantee: our goal is delivering quality and value without losing sight of service and customers.

That’s also why Dean Custom Awnings has partnered with Industrial Fabrics Association International and Professional Awning Manufacturers Association: in order to constantly improve service and boost the quality of fabrics that make it into our custom retractable awnings. 

For more information on purchasing your very own custom retractable awnings, contact Dean Custom Awnings today!

Three Ways Awnings Can Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Storefront

// posted by Vic Santiago on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jul 25

Awnings have many benefits to businesses that are often overlooked. By creating a custom awning, you could have an aesthetically pleasing storefront that separates you from the competition. Places like Dean Custom Awnings have been helping businesses add characteristics and distinctions to their storefronts to help boost customers and clients. Here are three ways that an awning can help your business.

Draws Customers Regardless of Weather

Weather is always a good reason to have an awning. People tend to dislike the heat, rain, and snow, and having an awning can draw more people to your business as they pass by. In addition to providing shade and shelter, it can also remove glare from the sun or lights so that signs and products are easily seen from the window.

By having an awning, more potential customers and clients will be drawn to the awning regardless of weather conditions. Whether it is sunny, rainy, hot, or snowy, an awning provides shelter and relief to customers.

Distinction From the Competition

An awning provides personality to your storefront that the competition probably doesn’t have. By having a distinguishing feature such as an awning, you have opened yourself a niche that makes you more unique than other businesses. People will recognize your business by the awning.

This means that investing in a custom awning is way better than buying an existing one. Having that brand recognition with a one-of-a-kind awning can contribute to business and customer growth. Dean Custom Awnings prides ourselves with creating unique awnings based off our different selections of fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns. We can help you create something completely original to your business and brand.

Image Is Everything

An awning can create an extremely aesthetically pleasing storefront based on color combinations, material, and design. If you follow guidelines from places such as Dean Custom Awnings that will help you create a unique awning that will make your business distinct from the rest, you will draw a lot more customers.

Dean Custom Awnings also offers digital renderings to help along the way of designing your perfect awning. This will help you decide what awning best fits the brand image you are trying to create for potential customers and clients. If you are trying to decide what design may be best for you, browse through Dean Custom Awnings’ galleries that feature a wide variety.

For more information about Dean Custom Awnings and the different types of awnings we have to offer, contact us today!

Let Someone Else Handle Your Sukkah Preparations This Year

// posted by Vic Santiago on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jul 13

Awnings provide several benefits in terms of image, cost savings, and more. But many people don’t realize that they are a huge part of certain cultures and religions as well. Sukkahs have been around for centuries in Jewish religion and culture. When choosing the right one for your home, it is important to consider certain aspects such as fabrics, patterns, colors, and provider. Here are some things to know about Sukkahs and why using a trusted installer is better.

What is a Sukkah?

A sukkah is a ceremonial Jewish structure and is traditionally used during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. It is used for the week to symbolize shelter after escaping slavery from Egypt. They have modernized from huts to awnings as they have become more advanced, but sukkahs are still used to celebrate this holiday in Jewish culture.

How do I find one to fit my home?

If you are looking for a Sukkah this year to fit your home perfectly, places like Dean Custom Awnings are able to help. We can create a custom sukkah to fit your home the way you want it, and can install it safely and securely so there is no doubt that it is durable for years and years to come.

By trusting Dean Custom Awnings with your Sukkah preparations this year, you will have nothing to fear about the installation and sturdiness of your sukkah awning. In addition, it will be custom-made to your house so it looks perfect to celebrate.

Why should I trust someone else with my Sukkah preparations?

Installing your own Sukkah does not ensure that it will last a long time or even at all. By trusting an awning company such as Dean Custom Awnings, you know that you will be guaranteed a Sukkah awning that will look great and last for years. Dean Custom Awnings is a leader in Sukkah awning installations and services, which is why many Jewish families turn to us.

Dean custom awnings services the Jewish communities of Brooklyn, Rockland County, Monroe, Monsey, and Lakewood. We take pride in the quality of our products including Sukkahs, as well as our service. We have a gallery that shows past Sukkahs we have created as well as different designs that may suit the Sukkah you are searching for.

If you are interested in a custom sukkah or another awning style, contact us today!

Only the Best: Why You Should Choose Dean Custom Awnings

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jun 21

You're constantly looking for more ways to stay safe and comfortable away from the sun. High SPF sunblocks and now, UPF clothing are both great things you can do to stay protected while out and about. 

Millions of homeowners want that same protection without having to reach for a tube of sunblock or special clothing. Awnings might be the answer.

A home awning can keep the sun at bay and allow you to enjoy more of the outdoors during the summer. As an added perk, awnings immediately enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and could even increase your home value long term. 

Residential home awnings can also mean lower energy expenses from month to month. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers found that awnings near patios and windows can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 15 degrees! 

Even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends installing home awnings on south-facing and west-facing windows so that your home is protected from the setting sun. Installing a home awning is a recipe for safe, fun, comfortable summer nights spent outdoors with friends and family. 

Smiling Man

More Reasons Custom Awnings Are the Way to Go 

Custom awnings are the way to go because they optimize all of the things that were discussed above.

When you can select the exact kind of fabric that you want your awning to be, the color of your awning, and the perfect size to complement your home's layout, you'll ultimately reap more energy-saving benefits and make your home look great all the while. 

·       Choose Color and Style 

Dean Custom Awnings offers a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Since Dean Custom Awnings uses eco-friendly dyed acrylic that provides incredibly color retention and protection against fading and weather erosion, you can feel more confident about the long-term return on investment. 

·       Pick the Frame You Like 

Moreover, because each home is different, you'll have the option of mixing and matching different frame styles to go with the custom awning styles and colors that you've selected. 

As examples, a dome style frame would be an excellent addition to a few windows facing your backyard whereas the "traditional" and "traditional patio" frame styles by Dean Custom Awnings could make for an amazing looking awning that protects all of your guests. 

·       Customers Reviews Tell the Story 

One customer from Stanford, Connecticut found the collaborative process really refreshing. He writes: "They...gave me a quote and started the work all on the same day! The awning was they said it would be! So great!" Dean Custom Awnings serves Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Receive a Consultation and Digital Renderings 

Dean Custom Awnings is a truly modern awning company that can provide digital renderings of your new awning...before it goes up! This allows residential and commercial customers to get a sneak peak and take their awning for a test run, if you will. 

Digital renderings of your new custom awning paint a striking picture of how a home or the exterior of an office building can be vastly improved with the simple installation of a custom awning. 

You still get to select from your favorite awning styles, colors, and frames. The professionals at Dean Custom Awnings can weigh in, if you like, with design suggestions and install your awning that same week in most cases. 

Custom awnings really do improve the functionality of both homes and restaurants. When you install a custom awning in your home, you'll be able to have guests over without worrying about the sun, and a custom awning outside a restaurant can, overnight, mean more seats. 

Get in touch to learn how you can increase the curb appeal of your home and save money on energy while you're at it!

3 Durable Options for Awnings That Require Little Maintenance

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Jun 07

For both home and business owners alike, awnings are a wise investment that pay back dividends in multiple ways for many years to come. 

A few of the most important reasons to invest in a high-quality awning include:

  • Add a stylistic accent to your building.
  • Reduce heat intake through windows and thus lower your energy bill.
  • Awnings that bear text and logos do double-duty as advertising mechanisms.
  • Awnings create sheltered areas near the building where guests or customers can escape from heat, rain, snow, wind and other inclement weather.

But given the benefits of equipping your windows, entryway, patio, or walkway with an awning, how do you cut through the plethora of options for awnings out there and find the awning that best fits your needs?

Here are three of the most important options for awnings that you should consider:

1. Traditional Window Awnings

When all you need is a few feet of shade and weather protection right next to a window or door, you will find there are a wide variety of traditional options for awnings that fit the bill.

Frame styles to consider include: short slope, domed, squared, convex, and more. You can also order a custom-built shape from an experienced awning company

It is possible to get metal, leather, or wood awnings, but the most practical, affordable, and durable material to look for is a high-quality vinyl fabric. Vinyl is also extremely low maintenance.

As to color retention, you will want to look for 100% solution-dyed acrylic colors to ensure you have bright, sharp colors for years to come even in harsh climates. And you can have your company name or logo printed on the awning's sign band (if you choose to include a sign band).

A final option to weigh is whether or not you want to include scallops, which would hand down from the edges of your awning to add a stylistic touch and reduce wind exposure. Scallops come in many styles, including: straight-cut, rolling wave, semi-circle, and half-hexagon.

2. Gabled Awnings

Awnings with gabled centers are ideal when you want to provide a large, shaded area by a main entryway or elsewhere. Gabled awnings also work well when set along a walkway that customers must traverse to reach your business' main entrance.

However, gabled awnings can be freestanding, and thus, they can act as a cover for even a detached area, such as over a bicycle parking zone or as a restaurant smoking shelter in cities where public indoor smoking is illegal.

A final note: you can also get area awnings with a rounded top (called a "marquee" awning), so you are not limited to a gabled style. 

3. Retractable Patio Awnings

Patios, both at home and at restaurants with outdoor, scenic eating areas, can be well protected by installing the right size and shape of awning. It is possible to use a long-sloped, non-retractable awning to cover your patio, but retractable awnings are often a good choice for patios.

It is critical to have a reputable awning provider install retractable patio awnings since they require strong support structures and involve complex mechanics.

By retracting your patio awning on pleasant days and extending it on sunny or rainy days, you help your awning to last as long as possible and yet get the maximum use out of your patio.


Whichever type of awning you choose, be sure to order from high-trust company like Dean Custom Awnings.

Dean Custom Awnings offers full options for awnings and handles both manufacturing and installation. They have provided residential and commercial awnings to the Mid-Atlantic Region for decades.

Commercial Awnings That Help Set the Atmosphere

// posted by Vic Santiago on Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 25

If you’re a business owner, you know all too well that everything matters – even the little things.

Regardless of demographic, customers pick up on every minute nuance that you were hoping to hide, hoping they’d notice, or something you never even realized to begin with. A calming, comforting, or invigorating aesthetic can just as quickly draw and retain customers as the opposite can repel them.

Fair or not, those very details can make or break your business.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. At Dean Custom Awnings, we’ve been making the same promise to customers for over three generations: We’re delivering quality, value, and superior service, and anything less than the best is unacceptable.

As far as appearance goes, our awnings are an accessory to your building that make an instant impact.

Adding our awnings highlights both the architecture and style of the building, and it adds a bit of recognizable personality to the façade as well. And thanks to our wide array of fully customizable shapes and sizes, plus a brilliant pallet of colors and patterns, our tailor-made products will be unique to your business and as perfect as you can imagine them to be.

From classy and traditional to flashy and bright, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Why Awnings Are Great for Business

Aesthetics aren’t the only way your awnings can set the mood. On top of the visual appeal, awnings offer a ton of practicality.

For starters, you can advertise on them, so as they grab attention, they’re also spreading your message:  a phone number, an advertisement, a special deal, or simply your company name and logo. You’ve likely noticed an awning advertisement before, and probably even bought something from a business that had one. It’s a classic, simple advertisement placement that’s bound to get noticed and help increase your revenue.

Plus, with our durable, quality materials, your advertisements will be protected in the harsh weather.

Of course, the typical use for awnings is simply to provide shade and escape the hot sun, which is always a perk for an outside location – whether designated for dining, hanging out, or smoking. 

But that shade provides an extra perk, too: energy efficiency. According to studies by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and air conditioning Engineers (ASHRE), awnings on windows and patio doors can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 8-15 degrees. That means less air conditioning and more money saved during the hot summer months.

Need more convincing that an awning is right for your business? Click here for a gallery of some of our commercial awning customers >>

If you’re looking for a way to make your business stand out, contact us and get your free estimate today!



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