Green Upgrades for Your Home

// posted by Vic Santiago on Friday, April 15, 2016

Apr 15

Being eco-friendly isn’t just good for the environment, it can also save you an incredible amount of money on your energy bills. So jump on the green bandwagon by looking into these green upgrades for your home:

Buy a cool roof - One that reflects the heat off of your home instead of letting it absorb. For example, metal is a smart option because not only does it keep your home cool, but it also lasts for decades!

Start recycling - For all those glass and plastic bottles you use, start recycling instead of tossing them away. There are plenty of uses for used bottles (and even other materials, like paper). Create a designated bin in the kitchen for recycling and empty weekly.

Install green flooring - Hardwood floors look beautiful in the home, but you can get the same durability and feel while being eco-friendly at the same time. Cork and bamboo make great alternatives and are resistant to spills, making cleanups easy as well!

Choose a gas fireplace - Gas fireplaces can provide you with heat during cooler months of the year with less pollution than any traditional wood-burning style can. Most models can vent without a chimney and can increase home efficiency when you use energy the most.

Install an awning - During warmer months of the year, the sun can heat up your home and make you waste energy. Instead of needing to crank the AC, set up a custom awning in your backyard to lower the cost of cooling.  

At Dean Custom Awnings, we can help you save energy by creating a custom awning fit just for your home!  Learn more about our selections here. If a retractable awning sounds like the ideal addition to your outdoor space, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 for more information on our services.   

How Awnings Can Increase the Value of Your Home

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Apr 06

Image you’re house hunting. Every home you visit looks the same except for one. This house features a backyard awning, which has you thinking about all the outdoor parties you can have in summer (rain or shine). This is just one of the many reasons your backyard awning can increase the value of your home. Here are three others:   

Boost your curb appeal

Dress up your windows by adding decorative value. Choose an awning color and style that compliments your home’s exterior paint colors and frames your home perfectly. There are many different types of awning shapes, such as dome, traditional, gable, and more.

Lower energy bills

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be costly. That is, unless you install a custom awning. Awnings can cool off temperatures by 8-15 degrees during the warmer months by blocking out the sun.

Expand your living space

Keep your backyard shady, as if you’re retreating to another room in your home (except your actually outdoors). A custom built cabana style awning, retractable awning or a custom built stationary awning above your outdoor furniture makes for a beautiful addition of living space on your property. 

At Dean Custom Awnings, there is no idea that is too small or too large - we will take on your project and show you just how beneficial an awning can be when it comes to the value of your home. We offer some of the best top selling residential awnings and can offer you professional advice on your home’s needs. To learn more, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 or visit us on the web.  

How Awnings Can Cut Your Utility Bills

// posted by Vic Santiago on Monday, April 04, 2016

Apr 04

Sunny afternoons and humid nights are on their way and you know what that means - inevitably you'll cranking your AC and wasting money on utility bills. So, before the summer heat returns once again, you might want to consider investing in an awning to reduce the cost of cooling. Here’s how it works:


Material - Awnings made of metal are sturdy, but if you’re goal is to reduce the summer’s heat, choose an awning made with light-colored polyvinyl and acrylics with a tight-knit weaving to block out majority of the sun.

Style - Not all types of awnings are made for the heat. If your custom awning will primarily be used for cutting utility bills, remember that hot air can become trapped around a window if the awning does not have proper ventilation. As your custom awning provider about your options.

Type - There are many different types of awnings on the market, and each serve a different purpose. If you want to cut down on energy bills but want an easy solution for cold weather, then you will benefit from a retractable awning. This type of awning is designed to keep your home cool in summer and made to retract in winter to prevent damage from heavy storms.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer several types of retractable awnings that are durable, beautiful, and have a lifetime frame warranty! Learn more about our selections here. If a retractable awning sounds like the ideal addition to your outdoor space, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 for more information on our services. 

Ways to Freshen Up Your Patio

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mar 23

You step into your beautiful backyard on a warm spring afternoon, but something is missing: it reminds you of the dull winter days that are now behind us. Pretty soon, you’ll be inviting friends over for an outdoor gathering, but you’re embarrassed by your backyard’s appeal. Here are four essentials you need (and we swear by) if you’re looking to freshen up outdoor space: 

New Pillows. We’ve all been to an outdoor gathering where the seating is quite uncomfortable - don’t be that host. Fluff and throw down some pillows - your guests will be happy you did. Add these bright colors to your swing and table set chairs. You can even create a space for kids on the ground - sort of like a mini fort from when you were a kid! 

Trees. Let’s look beyond fabric and focus on the one element every yard needs: greens! Buy large pots and plant mini trees and flower arrangements in them. Not only will it create a wonderful aroma, but it will also boost the flow of oxygen and create a little bit of cozy privacy in your yard. 

Lighting. When you’re hosting an evening party, the last thing you want is for it to go dark. Light up the night with Edison-inspired lights or anything that creates a festive atmosphere. Go the extra mile and add a fire pit as well! 

Awnings. Now, your friends come to this party of yours and it starts raining. But inside your home, it’s a mess and you don’t want to postpone. This has happened to many more of us than we’d like to admit. That is why we recommend you install a residential custom awning above your patio to keep everyone (including your patio) dry. Even for those super sunny afternoons, your guests will stay cool and shady all day long. 

Your outdoor space should not only look appealing - it should also be functional for when you invite guests over. If you checked everything off your patio makeover list but still need an awning, call Dean Custom Awnings. We offer some of the best top selling residential awnings and can offer you professional advice on your home’s needs. To learn more, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 or visit us on the web.  

How to Prepare Your Business for Spring

// posted by Vic Santiago on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mar 15

This weekend, we finally leap into spring! Is your business prepared for the changing seasons? From seasonal sales to energy savings, there are a few things you can do to get your business ready for the warmer months: 

New Sign
Spring is the time of year when new products are introduced and season specials occur. Attract more customers by creating a new and enticing sign to promote your new products and your sales. Remember: visuals are significantly more effective than text, so if you’re going to use text, do so wisely without giving away too much. 

Window Tinting
The sun will soon be shining bright. Wouldn’t it be smart to invest in window tinting? Not only will it block out a glare for your customers, but it will also conceal what’s inside your business, creating a bigger mystery and attracting more potential customers. 

Whether you own a restaurant or a retail store, there are many benefits to investing in an outdoor awning for your business. Did you know that awnings can protect your customers from April showers as well as reduce indoor temperatures by 8 to 15 degrees?  Regardless of the type of business you manage, creating a customized awning is essential to your business for the warmer months (and all year round). 

If you’re in the market for a customized commercial awning, turn to Dean Custom Awnings! We can help you create a custom awning, tailored to fit your spring and summertime needs, and show you digital renderings to make sure you are nothing short of satisfied. For more information, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193.    

How to Build a Backyard Getaway

// posted by Vic Santiago on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feb 27

Believe it or not, spring is just a few weeks away! As temperatures slowly rise and the days get a little bit longer, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors. Take a look at your backyard - is it the getaway you’ve always dreamed of? If it’s missing a little something, we suggest adding one or more of the following amenities:

Grow a Garden— A garden of eye-catching flowers, shrubbery and trees can help make your property more attractive and serene. Consider growing a themed garden for a truly custom escape right in your own backyard. Even container gardens boost the appeal of outdoor spaces like decks and patios.

Add a Kitchen— Entertaining guests will never be the same again! Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, and for good reason. If you love to barbecue and dine outside, adding a kitchen will help transform your backyard into a delicious -- and convenient -- retreat. Install a grill, closed storage, refrigerator and sink to make food preparation and cleanup easier than ever.

Fully Furnish— Make your outdoor spaces more comfortable and stylish by adding furniture. Classic options include wrought iron, cast iron, wrought aluminum, cast aluminum and traditional wood. You’ll also find newer weatherproof options that can withstand the elements.

Install an Awning— Backyard awnings provide a number of benefits. The most obvious reason to install an awning over your deck or patio is for shade on hot, sunny days -- a luxury that even sun worshippers can appreciate. An awning will also help ensure privacy, especially if you have neighbors close by. Lastly, awnings are designed to protect other investments, like outdoor furniture, from the damaging effects of rain and sunshine.

Allow Dean Custom Awnings to help turn your backyard into a resort-like escape. To learn more about our selection of retractable awnings, visit our website or give us a call at (845) 425-1193.

Why Restaurants Need Awnings

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feb 24

Awnings are an amazing addition to include on many homes, but they also work wonders for businesses. Of any business, restaurants can gain the most from having an awning. Here’s how:

Expand the Space

Adding an awning will let you add tables outside of the restaurant, which translates to an increase in the occupancy level. Being able to serve more people at one time will increase the total amount of revenue. This is especially useful during the spring, summer, and early fall months. There are many people that prefer to sit outside when the weather permits.

Keep the Sun Out

For those customers enjoying their lunch outside, the sun can ruin their meal. Whether it’s the glare or sweltering heat, an awning can protect you from both. It will allow for a cooler temperature to sit in and for customers to eat without squinting.

Protect Customers & Business

Customers who prefer to eat outside can do so without worrying about the weather changing. If it starts to rain, there is no reason to move inside because you are protected from the elements. Awnings will additionally keep the sidewalk, that’s closest to the business, relatively dry. This will come in handy when it rains or snows and the temperature drops below freezing. Icy sidewalks can spell trouble for a business.

Define Location

Installing an awning at the front of your restaurant can help define your restaurant’s visual identity. An awning that complements the overall look of your business will make it more noticeable and heighten its curb appeal. Your restaurant will be noticed more as people drive by because awnings and lighting are commonly associated with restaurants.

With all of these advantages, it’s a mystery why all restaurants don’t have an awning at the front of the building. When you decide that it’s time to install a new awning, or replace an old one, contact Dean Custom Awnings. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (845) 425-1193.

Ways to Create a Shady Backyard

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feb 24

The backyard can be an amazing luxury to have because you can design it to be your own personal space to relax outside. Unfortunately, too much sun can ruin the enjoyment of a backyard. Learn the multiple ways on how you can create a perfectly shady backyard.


Mother nature herself can lend your backyard a bit of natural shade. Depending on the yard, you could have a series of tall maples surrounding the property or a few Dogwoods strategically placed around the patio. No matter the species, look to plant a few because each perennial plant can provide shade to your backyard.


Being the most obvious option, as the umbrella is a quick fix for blocking the sun. You can purchase an umbrella with a design to match the patio, and with features to improve the functionality. Some models will include different levels in which it can open, options for tilting, and levels of transparency for the canopy.


The most practical and effective way to add shade to an exposed backyard is with the addition of an awning. Adding this to the side of the house can offer your patio, windows, entrances, and home interior protection from the sun’s UV rays. These harmful rays can have disastrous discoloring effects to any upholstery or linen material in its line of sight. Install a retractable awning to allow quick adjustments and maximum shade as the day goes on.

Having a backyard is a wonderful thing, but it is important to have the necessary amount of shade so you can remain comfortable. When you decide that it’s time to grace your backyard with a brand new awning, contact the professionals at Dean Custom Awning. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (845) 425-1193.

How to Lower Your Energy Bills at Home

// posted by Vic Santiago on Friday, February 19, 2016

Feb 19

Let’s face it: energy bills have only increased over the years. And sometimes we don’t even realize how it gets to be so high. But by being more conscious of how we use the technology in our homes, we can significantly lower our bills and save more energy. Below are a few money-saving hacks to consider:

Reduce heat.

Heating up water for your laundry machine accounts for about 90 percent of the energy your machine uses, so switch your unit to cold wash as often as possible. Not only will this help you to reduce energy, but it can also prevent your mixed fabrics from bleeding.

Load the dishes.

 Although it’s important to load your dishwasher carefully, you can save energy at home by also washing only full loads. But to help you reduce tough grease and food scraps, pre-wash your dishes in sink. Make sure to put the stopper on your drain so you aren’t wasting water.

Unplug appliances.

 It’s easy to take advantage of technology nowadays. But just think how much money you could save by unplugging the toaster or lamps when not in use. Also, keeping your laptop plugged in all day might save the battery, but it won’t save you money - so always reserve as much as possible.

Install an awning.

 Awnings can help to reduce inside temperatures by as much as 8-15 degrees during the hot summer months. They can also protect your home furnishings from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So if you’re looking to create more shade and reduce your cooling bill, installing a residential awning is an excellent solution. Did we also mention is make for a great outdoor extension?  

At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer several types of awnings to help you lower energy bills all year round - especially during the hot summers! Learn more about our selections here. If a residential awning sounds like the ideal addition to your outdoor space, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 for more information on our services.  

How to Avoid Deck Damage

// posted by Vic Santiago on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feb 11

From icy conditions to sunny weather, there’s only so much that your backyard deck can handle. And if you don’t take proper care of your deck, chances are you’ll need to spend a fortune replacing it sooner rather than later. However, following this four step process can save you big bucks and keep your deck looking new for years to come:

Step 1: We’ve endured a lot of snow this winter. So when removing heavy accumulations, shovel carefully. Shovel along the boards to prevent scratching the wood and use a plastic shovel, as they are less likely to cause damage to the deck’s surface.

Step 2: Keep your deck clean by washing mildew away. Keeping it clean in this sense will prevent mold and moss growth. So before you make any repairs next month, keep in mind that pressure washing it to remove dirt and debris will keep it free from rust and deterioration. Bonus tip: wash along with the grain of your boards as to not damage the wood.

Step 3: Stain it! That’s right - staining your deck can prevent your deck long even after it has been sealed. But first, make sure there is still a coating on the surface of your wood, and if not, you will need to recoat.

Step 4: Keep up with maintenance. Washing your deck once a season won’t do your beautiful wood justice. Moss can grow at any time of the year, and debris can ruin it at any given time as well. That is why washing your deck on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is the best plan of action to avoid deck damage.

Learn more about how to protect your deck by clicking here.

Another way you can protect your deck from damage is to install a customized awning. At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer a wide array of awning styles from which to choose. We also provide you with top notch services and custom-tailored to your exact needs. We are pioneers in providing high quality awning services and awning products, and have been for three long generations! To learn more about our commercial and residential awnings, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193.  



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