How are you escaping the summer heat? We’re going to take a guess and say you reach for your air conditioner and portable fans. While these methods are most convenient, they can also be costly. Below are a few more energy efficient ways to keep cool:


Umbrella & Canopy

Going outside might seem counterintuitive, but resting in a shady area can allow you to catch a cool, relaxing breeze. Setting up an umbrella above your outdoor table or a canopy over your deck area is a smart way to block out the sun and allow you to enjoy the summer breeze without suffering in the summer sun!


The most natural way to escape the summer heat is to relax under a tree. If you don’t have much plant life in your yard, you can benefit from a little landscaping. Not only can trees keep you cool outside, but they can also protect your home from excess sunlight, such tends to heat up your home rapidly. Trees such as oak, maple, and birch are fast growing greens that act as a large canopy of leaves.


An excellent way to stay cool and add architectural beauty to your home’s exterior is to install a custom awning. Awnings protect windows, entrances, and furnishings from harmful UV rays. They can also reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 8 to 15 degrees.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer many types of residential designs, including windows, doors, patios and decks, as well as rear basement stairways. If an awning sounds like the perfect solution to help you escape the summer heat, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at at (845) 425-1193 or visit us on the web.