Before deciding whether or not to install an awning, you might be pondering the benefits. Truth is, many homeowners don’t realize the value in awnings. As your Fairfield County Awning experts, we’re here to share a little more insight with you - just in case you’re on the fence.  



Choose a quality material such as vinyl for your awning. When you choose a quality awning, you can save energy and money when properly installed, which prospective buyers will appreciate.  


An awning makes your home more aesthetically appealing, increasing your home's value. This is especially true for those who install a retractable awning - one you can hide when you want and roll out when you need extra shade and sun or rain protection.


An awning has several functions. Not only does it expand your space, but it also acts as a quiet, shady area for you to relax outside. From cutting UV rays to keeping you cool and dry, the benefits are endless. And with so many materials and colors to choose from, an awning can also add to your curb appeal.

If you’re looking to boost your home’s value with an awning, contact Dean Custom Awnings! We can provide you with versatile, retractable awnings and more to protect your home and allow you to host your outdoor parties without extreme weather interfering! To learn more, give us a call at (845) 425-1193.