Now that winter has arrived, you can expect some extreme weather conditions. That being said, it’s important to take extra good care of your property. While an awning can provide protection to your outdoor space, it’s key to understand the do’s and don’ts of caring for it so that it lasts for years to come:  


Retract in high winds - If you own a retractable awning, the beauty is that you can put it away when needed. So while they might be made to withstand stronger weather conditions, high winds isn’t one of them.

Brush off rain water - Don’t let your awning get moldy. This can be a health hazard and will likely lessen the lifespan of your awning. So wait until the weather dries up and get rid of any rain that may have accumulated on your awning.

Inspect after a storm - While rain can cause problems for your awning, so can debris. Between falling tree limbs to dirt, be sure your awning is clear by carefully climbing onto a ladder and inspecting the situation. Make sure you do this when the conditions aren’t slippery.


Use harsh chemicals to clean - When cleaning your awning, try to shy away from using chemical cleaners on fabric, as this can destroy your awning and the mildew-resistant qualities it might possesses.

Plant trees around it - When a storm hits, you might experience tree damage. And when a tree grows, its limbs can overextend and damage your awning. So be careful when planting new greenery on your property, especially if you have a fabric awning.

Retract in freezing temps - Retractable awnings are meant to withstand snowy conditions and protect your deck, but if your awning suddenly becomes frozen you can expect its condition to change.

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