Looking for outdoor deck or patio protection for the changing seasons? We’ve got the perfect solution! Our patio canopies are designed to keep you and your deck dry and free of extreme heat. Here’s why you need one: 

Year Round Protection - This 30 inch roof rafter has a frame system that offers 365 day protection from rain and shine. Plus, you can customize it with side wings or valance style sides for extra protection.

Retractable - Easily retract your patio canopy when necessary. For example, if you expect heavy winds or snowfalls, keep your canopy in tip top shape by stowing it away and rolling it out again when the weather dries up.  

Durable - Our patio canopies are made with a heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel frame and acrylic fabric material from some of our top, best-selling brands. This also means that the patio canopy is weatherproof and resistant to fading and mildew.

Customize - Due to its fabric make up, these patio canopies are available in hundreds of beautiful colors and patterns upon your request. Learn more about our fabrics by visiting our Awning Fabric Showroom.

Lifetime Warranty - At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer a lifetime frame warranty on our patio canopies. So any repairs you need, we’ll make it happen!

Does a patio canopy sound like the perfect solution for your home or business? If so, visit Dean Custom Awnings on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193 today! We offer several solutions to help protect you and your property from extreme weather conditions.