The food industry can be a competitive market. If you own a cafe, no doubt your coffee and baked goods are mouth-watering. Own a restaurant? Your horderves might look magazine-worthy. But if you don’t have the proper curb appeal, you could in fact be drawing customers away.

We know it can be a tough business, but we also know you can make a huge impact with customized awnings. A custom awning serves several purposes for restaurants including the following:

Protect customers - Awnings are important for your business, but they are even more crucial for your customers. One of the primary functions of an awning is to protect your customers from rain and shine, whether it be at the main entryway or above the outdoor patio The best part is that when you choose a custom awning, you can select the color, size, and fabric that works best for your restaurant.

Up your curb appeal - As we mentioned earlier, custom awnings have a way of attracting new customers on even the most subconscious level. Why? For one, colors play a primal factor, as certain colors generate one’s appetite. In addition, when you create a custom awning, you can display all the goods of your business, such as the company logo. This way, people will have a lasting impression of your restaurant’s name and brand image.

Define your location - Aside from making a lasting impression, custom awnings can also define the location of your restaurant (or cafe, etc.). You want to include your telephone number and address so that customers can jot down the information or embed in in their minds. That way, if they don’t have time to stop by on a whim, at least they know how to find you for next Friday's night out on the town.

Are you in the market for a custom awning for your local restaurant or corner cafe? If so, turn to Dean Custom Awnings. We will visit your business location to meet with you and discuss your design ideas, no matter how big or small! For more information on how we can provide you with top notch custom awning solutions, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193.