Among the many decisions you must make when launching a new business, you will have to decide on the desired appearance of your storefront. The color and shape of your building, as well as your signage are all critical to the success of your business. But one of the aesthetic features is commonly overlooked more often than not is the awning.

Creating a custom awning for your business has many functions and advantages. For example, they can provide weather protection and additional color to your storefront, which in turn can attract more customers. When choosing a customized awning for your small business, consider the following elements:  .

Color and style - There are more awning options than you might realize. From different fabrics and colors, and even types of awnings, it’s important to carefully consider which will look best against your storefront. Bonus tip: consider what brand colors you’re advertising and choose accordingly.

Awning functionality - Not only do custom awnings provide aesthetic needs for your small business, but they also provide a number of functions. For example, awnings can protect your customers and entryway from rain, snow, and extremely sunny conditions. So think about the size you will need and how often people might be standing outside.

Advertise business - When articulated creatively, custom awnings can additionally be a source of advertising for your small business. Let’s say you don’t have much room in your budget for other marketing strategies - create an affordable, yet creative awning that will attract customers who walk or drive by. Your goal is to have heads turn, and that’s exactly what an awning can do for you!

At Dean Custom Awnings, we know the importance of awnings for businesses, no matter how big or small. If you’re getting ready to launch a business and are in the market for a customized awning, look no further than our experts! Visit our commercial awnings photo gallery for inspiration and give us a call at (845) 425-1193 for more information on our services.