From a stylish addition, to a savvy, cost-saving renovation, to simply allowing you to better enjoy the comfort of your own home, custom retractable awnings are a quick way to improve your quality of life at home.

What if we told you there was one simple step you could take as a homeowner that had the ability to put you more at ease and improve your quality of life?

Of course, that’s the type of trick we’d wish upon a magic genie should we ever get the chance. Fortunately, Dean Custom Awnings is the genie you don’t need to wish for.

At Dean, our custom retractable awnings are the solution to several of your woes, and are a practical way to beat the heat, improve the resale value of your home, upgrade your style, provide comfort and protection, and more. As a result, this simple solution is a great way to improve your quality of life.

Custom retractable awnings have personal, aesthetic, and economic benefits for you and your family, and are quickly becoming one of the most popular home renovation products people turn to. With an awning from Dean, you can enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve while improving your home's value, curb appeal, and usability.

Here’s a closer look at how:

Extend Your Living Space and Enjoy More of Life 

Adding a custom retractable awning to your home even made HGTV's "10 Ways to Add Value to Homes" list, which discusses how adding an awning to your backyard increases your home's total living space. 

The idea is that by adding a retractable awning to your family's sunroom or outdoor deck, you increase the amount of usable space that your home offers. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy more of your home — and very well could end up increasing your home's resale value if you ever plan to sell. 

Retractable awnings at Dean Custom Awnings are tailored to your family's style and needs. To ensure that you continue to enjoy your awning, we offer a lifetime warranty on your retractable awning's frame and a ten-year warranty on the motor and fabric. 

That kind of extended warranty makes sure you get the greatest benefits your awning has to offer.

Convenience at the Push of a Button 

Consumer Affairs found those benefits pretty impressive, highlighting, like HGTV, that retractable awnings allow you extend your home's usable space, as well as other benefits like safely enjoying the afternoon sun, and improving your home's aesthetics. And you can do all that with the push of a button. 

You have the option to power your custom retractable awning with a motor that unfurls its unique fabric. That fabric itself comes in many varieties and colors that you can hand pick and efficiently have installed in your home.

Many homeowners who already have home retractable awnings say that their backyard feels like a private oasis. You’ll also feel more comfortable opening that oasis to others, should you choose to do so, knowing that you have the comfort and style a custom retractable awning from Dean brings with it. 

Block the Sun, Not the View

Owning a retractable awning gives you more options. Whether the sun's too bright, the rain decides to make an appearance, or you're getting a bit of late-fall snow, you can simply unfurl your retractable awning and create your own sanctuary.

Stay Cool and Protected

Retractable awnings block out some of the nastier elements that Mother Nature can throw your way — awnings can block harmful UV-A and UV-B (ultraviolet) rays to help keep your family safe throughout the sunny spring and summer months.

Because awnings can block the sun's damaging UV rays, the Skin Cancer Foundation has started recommending that people buy awnings to stay protected. This means your awning can help protect your skin and eye health while enjoying the weather. Awnings are among the products that have received the Foundation's seal of recommendation

To be sure you receive that benefit, our awnings come with fabric that's UV-ray resistant. UV ray-resistant fabric has three properties that differentiate it from lower quality awnings: protection against fading, damage, and sunlight incursion. 

This means that your colors won't fade, the sun's UV rays won't degrade your awning's fabric and cause damage, and that sunlight won't penetrate through the fabric and harm your family. It's all about staying cool and protected.

Prevent Furniture From Fading Prematurely 

Blocking UV rays also helps to ensure that your outdoor furniture doesn't get too much sun. Furniture left out on your deck or in your sunroom can actually get the brunt of the sun's harmful rays and start to fade over time. This can lead to premature deterioration of outdoor chairs, couches, and other kinds of furniture.

Even furniture in your sunroom could be unprotected since many older windows didn't come with UV protection. Fortunately, an awning can block the sun's most damaging rays and prevent your furniture from fading prematurely. 

Awnings Recommended by U.S. Department of Energy 

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homeowners consider awnings. Why? Because home awnings help reduce heat gain—the transfer of heat into your home from the sun (i.e., solar radiation). Doing so helps to keep your energy expenses down. 

Our custom retractable awnings can help reduce solar heat gain by up to 77 percent for your back patio or west-facing window, which often take the brunt of the sun’s intensity as the days grows older the and the sun sets in the west.

The beautiful thing about retractable awnings is that when you actually want the sun to heat your home in the winter, you can roll up the awning's fabric and get a little extra heat the natural way.

Ready to learn more about how awnings can help improve your quality of life? Get in touch with a representative at Dean Custom Awnings today!