No porch or patio is complete without its own custom retractable awnings, and the benefits of having one greatly outweigh the alternative. Here’s a look at how to identify your perfect match.

The best custom retractable awnings can make a big difference in your home life. From the look and style you crave to other perks like energy management and savings, having the perfect custom retractable awning is a must for every homeowner.

But how can you know which options are the right ones?

We’ll take a closer look at how to identify great custom retractable awnings in this post, but here’s an overview of some of the things we’ll talk about:

      The best custom retractable awnings are going to be tailored to your needs and provide years of reliable service and convenience.

      They’ll also come with a generous warranty on both the motor and fabrics. You shouldn't have to sacrifice affordability or friendly customer service in your search for the best retractable awning for your home or business.

      The benefits that Dean Custom Awnings offers, and a look at our entire gallery, including the extremely popular 1150 Series retractable awning  -- which comes with a lifetime warranty on the awning's frame and a ten-year warranty on the custom fabrics and motor.

Let’s dive in to figure out how to identify the best custom retractable awnings.

Pick Custom Retractable Awnings That Fit Your Needs 

Every homeowner has slightly different needs depending on their priorities, their home construction, and their home's orientation.

Fitting a custom retractable awning to your westward-facing window or porch makes the most sense, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, who found that doing so reduced solar heat gain by 77 percent or more.

This means that you can improve the aesthetics of your home and cut your cooling expenses dramatically in the summer by choosing to go with custom retractable awnings. 

Choose Custom Retractable Awnings with Improved Fabric Materials 

The fabric on today's awnings has really improved, and Dean Custom Awnings continues to keep pace with those improvements. At Dean, we use polyvinyl laminate and durable acrylic materials for its awning fabrics so that your awning lasts longer. 

Using these durable synthetic materials in your awning's fabric significantly lowers color fading over time, prevents mold or water accumulation, and reflects more sunlight away from the awning for more protection and convenience. 

Custom retractable awnings with improved fabrics are better at reducing glare, solar heat gain, and UV rays from entering your home. This means that your furniture won't fade prematurely and that you and your family will remain safe, cool, and comfortable throughout the hotter months. 

Versatile Awnings for East- and West-Facing Decks, Porches, Windows 

If you have a back porch or window that faces the east or west, it's beneficial to go with a home awning that has side coverings and extenders that can provide additional shielding.

The reason is that both early morning sun from the east and late afternoon sun from the west can send in rays at a sideways angle. Awnings are typically designed to prevent direct sunlight hitting your deck, porch, or window from the south. 

Homes aren't always designed accordingly, though, which is why you should be looking at custom retractable awnings that can fit your needs.

Dean Custom Awnings offers the 950 Series retractable awning that overcomes these issues by coming with special fabrics designed to repel heat and provide ample protection against east-west sunlight from slipping in. You can customize the 950 Series so that you can retract the awning in or out as far as you like with the help of an electric motor. 

This classic design works extremely well over decks, solariums, and sunrooms, and the 950 Series has also has received stellar reviews in commercial applications such as schools and offices. 

The Best Custom Retractable Awnings are Tailored to Your Style 

Because we use dyed acrylic to color your custom retractable awning's fabric, you'll still have amazing color retention years after making your purchase. There are also a variety of binding colors and awning styles to choose from whether you're a homeowner or small business owner looking to expand. 

You can obviously pick any style or color scheme that suits you but bear in mind that awnings featuring lighter colors are better able to reflect sunlight -- although the acrylic that we use does a great job of preventing solar heat gain no matter the color. 

Plus, we offer a full color pallet for you to choose for your awning.  From natural, ivory, and vanilla, to navy and black, the customizable choices are at your fingertips with a full spectrum of color available. 

Speaking of choice, the best custom retractable awnings are also going to feature a tremendous selection of awning styles as well. At Dean, you'll find a huge selection ranging from scalloped and traditional to more ornate designs. 

Sometimes, though, the awning's purpose really dictates a particular kind of design. Business entrances sometimes call for an arched-top stationary, gabled entry, or European dome style for the best look. It really depends on the application. 

Dean Custom Awnings: Hard Work for Your Benefit 

The staff at Dean Custom Awnings will collaborate with you and even provides digital renderings of what your finished awning will look like once it's installed.

That’s all part of our customer satisfaction guarantee: our goal is delivering quality and value without losing sight of service and customers.

That’s also why Dean Custom Awnings has partnered with Industrial Fabrics Association International and Professional Awning Manufacturers Association: in order to constantly improve service and boost the quality of fabrics that make it into our custom retractable awnings. 

For more information on purchasing your very own custom retractable awnings, contact Dean Custom Awnings today!