You're constantly looking for more ways to stay safe and comfortable away from the sun. High SPF sunblocks and now, UPF clothing are both great things you can do to stay protected while out and about. 

Millions of homeowners want that same protection without having to reach for a tube of sunblock or special clothing. Awnings might be the answer.

A home awning can keep the sun at bay and allow you to enjoy more of the outdoors during the summer. As an added perk, awnings immediately enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and could even increase your home value long term. 

Residential home awnings can also mean lower energy expenses from month to month. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers found that awnings near patios and windows can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 15 degrees! 

Even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends installing home awnings on south-facing and west-facing windows so that your home is protected from the setting sun. Installing a home awning is a recipe for safe, fun, comfortable summer nights spent outdoors with friends and family. 

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More Reasons Custom Awnings Are the Way to Go 

Custom awnings are the way to go because they optimize all of the things that were discussed above.

When you can select the exact kind of fabric that you want your awning to be, the color of your awning, and the perfect size to complement your home's layout, you'll ultimately reap more energy-saving benefits and make your home look great all the while. 

·       Choose Color and Style 

Dean Custom Awnings offers a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Since Dean Custom Awnings uses eco-friendly dyed acrylic that provides incredibly color retention and protection against fading and weather erosion, you can feel more confident about the long-term return on investment. 

·       Pick the Frame You Like 

Moreover, because each home is different, you'll have the option of mixing and matching different frame styles to go with the custom awning styles and colors that you've selected. 

As examples, a dome style frame would be an excellent addition to a few windows facing your backyard whereas the "traditional" and "traditional patio" frame styles by Dean Custom Awnings could make for an amazing looking awning that protects all of your guests. 

·       Customers Reviews Tell the Story 

One customer from Stanford, Connecticut found the collaborative process really refreshing. He writes: "They...gave me a quote and started the work all on the same day! The awning was they said it would be! So great!" Dean Custom Awnings serves Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Receive a Consultation and Digital Renderings 

Dean Custom Awnings is a truly modern awning company that can provide digital renderings of your new awning...before it goes up! This allows residential and commercial customers to get a sneak peak and take their awning for a test run, if you will. 

Digital renderings of your new custom awning paint a striking picture of how a home or the exterior of an office building can be vastly improved with the simple installation of a custom awning. 

You still get to select from your favorite awning styles, colors, and frames. The professionals at Dean Custom Awnings can weigh in, if you like, with design suggestions and install your awning that same week in most cases. 

Custom awnings really do improve the functionality of both homes and restaurants. When you install a custom awning in your home, you'll be able to have guests over without worrying about the sun, and a custom awning outside a restaurant can, overnight, mean more seats. 

Get in touch to learn how you can increase the curb appeal of your home and save money on energy while you're at it!