If you’re getting ready to create a customized awning for your home or business, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there. The style that you choose for your new awning greatly depends on the functionality for which you will need. Once you know the purpose for your awning, use the following list of awning shapes to help you choose the best style:


Traditional. Traditional frames are typically used for sun protection, which can be ideal for installing over large areas like your back deck, patio, or porch.

Dome. Dome awnings are popular for small entryways in front of storefronts and offices. This is one of the best options for weather protection because of its sphere-like shape, which can not only shield you from the sun, but also from heavy rainfalls.

Gable. Gable awnings are perfect for rain due to their steep sloped shape. Whether you have an outdoor restaurant or a large backyard, these can protect a large crowd from bad weather (and sun of course).

Convex. Convex frames are a smart choice if the purpose of your awning is to provide protection and promote your business at the same time. They are long enough for you to create a custom graphic design and cover the entirety of your storefront or office building.

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