When it comes to business, the look and purpose of your awning says a lot about the message you’re sending to your customers. A great awning is not only decorative but it’s functional as well. So if you’re just jumping into the design process, here are a few ideas to consider for your business’ awning:

Logo. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which couldn’t be any more true when it comes to business. Logos are one of the best ways to market your business because in a sense they represent your company’s name. In fact, any visuals you use for branding can help boost brand identity and sales. 

Slogan. Aside from the basic information, why not add a slogan? After all, your slogan does help people to remember what your business is all about. This catch phrase of yours is a smart addition to your awning design because it's what makes you stand apart from the competition, offering your business more potential success. 

Contact Info. Provide all the text needed to advertise your business - the name of your company, the phone number, the hours of operation. Do you also plan on highlighting specific personnel in your business? Lay it all out for your customers to see at first glance, that way your brand image will be clear.

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