Prep Your Backyard Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11

T-minus two weeks until Memorial Day weekend! We can’t think of a more perfect way to kick off the start to summer than throwing a backyard BBQ with your closest family and friends! Once you’ve gotten the word out about your gathering, you’ll need to get your outdoor space ready:

Take out furniture - Create a space where your guests can mingle by arranging your furniture appropriately. This includes your backyard table, swings, loveseats, and wicker chairs. Turn the furniture inwards to make a good conversation easier.

Garden - Once your furniture is in place, add some color to your space. From tulips to sunflowers, there are many types flowers that can spruce up your garden plus make it smell nice. Before you start planting, learn which blooms best thrive in your climate and what kind of care they need.

Add pops of color - Say “Hello, Summer!” by incorporating decorative accents to your yard. Whether this means adding an arrangement of pillows to your loveseat or a floral centerpiece to your table, bringing color to your space can take your exterior decorating to the next level.

Dust off awnings - Don’t let it rain on your Memorial Day gathering! Prepare your awning by brushing off dust, pollen, and any other debris. Make sure it’s ready for when you need it - even if the sun is extra strong that day. Your guests will feel much more comfortable!

If you’re still in need of a custom awning to protect your deck or patio, contact Dean Custom Awnings! Our residential awnings are an excellent way to add architectural beauty and style while providing practical function by protecting your home from the elements. For more information, give us a call at (845) 425-1193.   

Outdoor Entertaining Tips

// posted by Vic Santiago on Thursday, May 05, 2016

May 05

Summer Parties are approaching! Is your outdoor space dressed to impress? Before you send out invitations to your upcoming graduation or Memorial Day party, follow these tips to transform your backyard into a summer oasis:

Arranged Furniture

Create a cozy space for casual conversation by moving furniture around. Whether it be folding chairs or a loveseat and lounge chair, arrange a parallel or L-shaped seating area so your guests can socialize all day long!

Shrubs and Blooms

Make a centerpiece for your yard and set up an elegant table top floral design, whether it be daisies, tulips, or ferns arranged in jars. Flowers brighten up your space, smell fresh, and make you say, “Hello, summer!”

Outdoor Kitchen

Make hosting even more easy by investing in an outdoor kitchen - BBQ, countertop, wine bar, and all! You’ll be able to cook while you socialize without missing a beat during your big outdoor event!

Custom Awning

Don’t let your summer party get rained on! Buy a custom awning to keep you dry from showers and cool from the hot summer sun. They can also help keep your home cool, so guests can also enjoy socializing indoors. Retractable awnings are the perfect solution for those who don’t want to cover up the beautiful exterior of their home but love the idea of added protection.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we can provide you with versatile, retractable awnings and more to protect your home and allow you to host your outdoor summer parties without extreme weather ruining a good time! To learn more, give us a call at (845) 425-1193.

Green Upgrades for Your Home

// posted by Vic Santiago on Friday, April 15, 2016

Apr 15

Being eco-friendly isn’t just good for the environment, it can also save you an incredible amount of money on your energy bills. So jump on the green bandwagon by looking into these green upgrades for your home:

Buy a cool roof - One that reflects the heat off of your home instead of letting it absorb. For example, metal is a smart option because not only does it keep your home cool, but it also lasts for decades!

Start recycling - For all those glass and plastic bottles you use, start recycling instead of tossing them away. There are plenty of uses for used bottles (and even other materials, like paper). Create a designated bin in the kitchen for recycling and empty weekly.

Install green flooring - Hardwood floors look beautiful in the home, but you can get the same durability and feel while being eco-friendly at the same time. Cork and bamboo make great alternatives and are resistant to spills, making cleanups easy as well!

Choose a gas fireplace - Gas fireplaces can provide you with heat during cooler months of the year with less pollution than any traditional wood-burning style can. Most models can vent without a chimney and can increase home efficiency when you use energy the most.

Install an awning - During warmer months of the year, the sun can heat up your home and make you waste energy. Instead of needing to crank the AC, set up a custom awning in your backyard to lower the cost of cooling.  

At Dean Custom Awnings, we can help you save energy by creating a custom awning fit just for your home!  Learn more about our selections here. If a retractable awning sounds like the ideal addition to your outdoor space, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 for more information on our services.   

How Awnings Can Cut Your Utility Bills

// posted by Vic Santiago on Monday, April 04, 2016

Apr 04

Sunny afternoons and humid nights are on their way and you know what that means - inevitably you'll cranking your AC and wasting money on utility bills. So, before the summer heat returns once again, you might want to consider investing in an awning to reduce the cost of cooling. Here’s how it works:


Material - Awnings made of metal are sturdy, but if you’re goal is to reduce the summer’s heat, choose an awning made with light-colored polyvinyl and acrylics with a tight-knit weaving to block out majority of the sun.

Style - Not all types of awnings are made for the heat. If your custom awning will primarily be used for cutting utility bills, remember that hot air can become trapped around a window if the awning does not have proper ventilation. As your custom awning provider about your options.

Type - There are many different types of awnings on the market, and each serve a different purpose. If you want to cut down on energy bills but want an easy solution for cold weather, then you will benefit from a retractable awning. This type of awning is designed to keep your home cool in summer and made to retract in winter to prevent damage from heavy storms.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer several types of retractable awnings that are durable, beautiful, and have a lifetime frame warranty! Learn more about our selections here. If a retractable awning sounds like the ideal addition to your outdoor space, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 for more information on our services. 

Why Restaurants Need Awnings

// posted by Vic Santiago on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feb 24

Awnings are an amazing addition to include on many homes, but they also work wonders for businesses. Of any business, restaurants can gain the most from having an awning. Here’s how:

Expand the Space

Adding an awning will let you add tables outside of the restaurant, which translates to an increase in the occupancy level. Being able to serve more people at one time will increase the total amount of revenue. This is especially useful during the spring, summer, and early fall months. There are many people that prefer to sit outside when the weather permits.

Keep the Sun Out

For those customers enjoying their lunch outside, the sun can ruin their meal. Whether it’s the glare or sweltering heat, an awning can protect you from both. It will allow for a cooler temperature to sit in and for customers to eat without squinting.

Protect Customers & Business

Customers who prefer to eat outside can do so without worrying about the weather changing. If it starts to rain, there is no reason to move inside because you are protected from the elements. Awnings will additionally keep the sidewalk, that’s closest to the business, relatively dry. This will come in handy when it rains or snows and the temperature drops below freezing. Icy sidewalks can spell trouble for a business.

Define Location

Installing an awning at the front of your restaurant can help define your restaurant’s visual identity. An awning that complements the overall look of your business will make it more noticeable and heighten its curb appeal. Your restaurant will be noticed more as people drive by because awnings and lighting are commonly associated with restaurants.

With all of these advantages, it’s a mystery why all restaurants don’t have an awning at the front of the building. When you decide that it’s time to install a new awning, or replace an old one, contact Dean Custom Awnings. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (845) 425-1193.

How to Avoid Deck Damage

// posted by Vic Santiago on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Feb 11

From icy conditions to sunny weather, there’s only so much that your backyard deck can handle. And if you don’t take proper care of your deck, chances are you’ll need to spend a fortune replacing it sooner rather than later. However, following this four step process can save you big bucks and keep your deck looking new for years to come:

Step 1: We’ve endured a lot of snow this winter. So when removing heavy accumulations, shovel carefully. Shovel along the boards to prevent scratching the wood and use a plastic shovel, as they are less likely to cause damage to the deck’s surface.

Step 2: Keep your deck clean by washing mildew away. Keeping it clean in this sense will prevent mold and moss growth. So before you make any repairs next month, keep in mind that pressure washing it to remove dirt and debris will keep it free from rust and deterioration. Bonus tip: wash along with the grain of your boards as to not damage the wood.

Step 3: Stain it! That’s right - staining your deck can prevent your deck long even after it has been sealed. But first, make sure there is still a coating on the surface of your wood, and if not, you will need to recoat.

Step 4: Keep up with maintenance. Washing your deck once a season won’t do your beautiful wood justice. Moss can grow at any time of the year, and debris can ruin it at any given time as well. That is why washing your deck on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is the best plan of action to avoid deck damage.

Learn more about how to protect your deck by clicking here.

Another way you can protect your deck from damage is to install a customized awning. At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer a wide array of awning styles from which to choose. We also provide you with top notch services and custom-tailored to your exact needs. We are pioneers in providing high quality awning services and awning products, and have been for three long generations! To learn more about our commercial and residential awnings, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193.  

How Retractable Awnings Add Value to Your Home

// posted by Vic Santiago on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec 10

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make, so why not add all of the comforts that will help boost your home’s value? There are plenty of ways you can add value to your home from the inside out. But when it comes to your outdoor space, one of the most effective ways you can increase comfort and value is by adding a retractable awning. Here’s why:

Enhance outdoor space - Maybe you have an outdoor deck, but how often do you use it? If you shy away from using your outdoor space because of excessive heat or a little rain, then you might benefit from a retractable awning. With a beautifully, custom-designed awning you can put that backyard space to use and add an additional area to your home.

Increase energy savings - UV rays are not only harmful to your health, but they can also raise the inside temperature when you’re trying to keep it cool. But did you know that retractable awnings can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 8 to 15 degrees when applied to your windows? And the best part is that you can easily store them in the winter when you want the sunlight to warm up your home.

Add element of design -  There’s not denying that your home looks ten times better when you customize it. So when you choose a customized awning, choose from a wide range of patterns and textures - that way you can create a whole new look that you will receive tons of compliments on when in use but can quickly retract when necessary.

It’s never too early to start thinking about adding value to your home. If a custom awning sounds like the right addition for your home, then turn to Dean Custom Awnings! We can help you create a custom retractable awning, tailored to fit your needs. For more information, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Custom Awning

// posted by Vic Santiago on Monday, December 07, 2015

Dec 07

The food industry can be a competitive market. If you own a cafe, no doubt your coffee and baked goods are mouth-watering. Own a restaurant? Your horderves might look magazine-worthy. But if you don’t have the proper curb appeal, you could in fact be drawing customers away.

We know it can be a tough business, but we also know you can make a huge impact with customized awnings. A custom awning serves several purposes for restaurants including the following:

Protect customers - Awnings are important for your business, but they are even more crucial for your customers. One of the primary functions of an awning is to protect your customers from rain and shine, whether it be at the main entryway or above the outdoor patio The best part is that when you choose a custom awning, you can select the color, size, and fabric that works best for your restaurant.

Up your curb appeal - As we mentioned earlier, custom awnings have a way of attracting new customers on even the most subconscious level. Why? For one, colors play a primal factor, as certain colors generate one’s appetite. In addition, when you create a custom awning, you can display all the goods of your business, such as the company logo. This way, people will have a lasting impression of your restaurant’s name and brand image.

Define your location - Aside from making a lasting impression, custom awnings can also define the location of your restaurant (or cafe, etc.). You want to include your telephone number and address so that customers can jot down the information or embed in in their minds. That way, if they don’t have time to stop by on a whim, at least they know how to find you for next Friday's night out on the town.

Are you in the market for a custom awning for your local restaurant or corner cafe? If so, turn to Dean Custom Awnings. We will visit your business location to meet with you and discuss your design ideas, no matter how big or small! For more information on how we can provide you with top notch custom awning solutions, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193. 



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