How to Remove Snow from Your Awning

// posted by Vic Santiago on Monday, February 08, 2016

Feb 08

We’ve endured a lot of snow in the Northeast region this winter, so it’s safe to assume that your roof tops, patio furniture, and awnings are coated in white. And while it may look beautiful in your yard, snow can actually wreak havoc on your awning.

Although many types of awnings are made to withstand strong weather conditions, there are several drawbacks to not removing snow after a storm:

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Sagging
  • Rips and tears

That being said, it’s important that you get that snow off your awning before something bad happens. But using your shovel is one of the worst mistakes you can make, as awnings need to be handled with care. Try these methods instead:

Sweep - Use a snow broom with soft bristles to remove the heaviest accumulation first.

Leaf Blower - If light flurries are in the forecast, no need to sweep away inches of snow. Instead, grab a leaf blower to blast away those tiny particles of moisture (before they freeze up).

Roof Rake - For metal or steel awnings, use a roof rake to clear away the snow, as this type of awning is strong enough to handle raking.

Hose - Hose down dirt after you’ve cleared away the snow for optimal results. Especially if you experienced a blizzard recently, it’s common for dirt and debris to get blown around. And if you don’t remove as soon as possible, the debris can damage your awning.  

As a safety precaution, always be sure you have a ladder and another person nearby while removing snow from your roof. Have questions about caring for your awning? Turn to Dean Custom Awnings! We offer several awning solutions and installations, plus a lifetime frame warranty! To learn more, give us a call at (845) 425-1193 or visit us on the web

How to Prep Your Outdoor Space for Cooler Weather

// posted by Vic Santiago on Friday, November 06, 2015

Nov 06

If you live in the northeast, you know just how brutal the winter can be. ending to your outdoor living space before the temperatures drop is crucial for protecting your home from all the snow, ice, and blustery winds.

Here are a few ways you can be proactive and prep your outdoor space before the winter arrives:


1. Store furniture. Outdoor swings and rocking chairs can get the wrath of heavy snowfalls and strong winds, so carrying important pieces of furniture indoors should be your first step. Many facilities offer storage for your outdoor furniture, but storing them in a shed or a large garage is your best bet.  

2. Apply waterproof finish to deck for snow. When snow accumulates, it doesn’t usually evaporate overnight. In fact, it can stay there for weeks or even months before completely melting away. That being said, make sure you apply a waterproof finish to your deck to keep it from weathering.  

3. Cover pool & BBQ. If you have a pool or BBQ in the backyard, don’t let debris ruin it! Covering up your pool can keep falling branches out of harm’s way and protect your BBQ from getting banged up.

4. Retract your awning. Do you have an awning over your back patio? If so, don’t forget to retract it before the thick of winter arrives.

Retractable awnings are the most convenient for those who live in a climate with four seasons. Why? Because they can protect your home from sun and rain in the spring, but are easy to retract in the winter when you need to keep them from getting damaged.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer retractable awnings at an affordable cost! For more information, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193. With locations in New York and Connecticut, we proudly serve the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania region and will help you through every step of the process!



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