Are you looking for an edge over your competition? Dean Custom Awnings can help. With our product, you can spruce up your business and improve its quality by finding the best commercial custom awnings in Connecticut.

Commercial awnings have a much higher return on investment than many business owners in Connecticut might suspect. A commercial custom awning lends more professionalism to your business and spruces up the appearance of the exterior of your brick-and-mortar locations.

At Dean Custom Awnings, we know how important every last detail is when it comes to successfully running your business, and we’re proud to play a role in that success by offering the highest quality commercial custom awnings you can find in Connecticut.

Here’s a look at where to find the best commercial custom awnings in Connecticut, and why investing in our product is a savvy business decision.

Commercial Custom Awnings in Connecticut: Professional, Practical, and Economically Smart 

Whether you're a property manager, renting out to tenants, or running your own business, everyone who walks through your doors will feel that things are trending in the right direction if they notice a new, customized awning out front.

Aside from increasing the curb appeal and cachet of your business or commercial property, commercial custom awnings serve two more very important functions: customized awnings provide information about your business, and they help lower your cooling expenses by reducing heat gain during the hotter months.

Grab Attention and Spread Your Contact Information 

A customized commercial awning can impart critical bits of information to people looking for your business.

On top of that, motorists and pedestrians passing by can pick up the gist of your message – just a quick glance at your awning makes them aware of the name of your business, your business’ logo, and the telephone number or email address that they should use to get in touch.

There are potential customers out there who need the services that you're providing but simply don't know that your business exists – yet. Commercial custom awnings can change all that and put your business on the map. You can choose the logo design, color scheme, and awning type most suitable to your business.

Without a doubt, a commercial awning can really make you stand out from the competition and turn heads.

Dean Custom Awnings Works Closely with Connecticut Businesses

Dean Custom Awnings works with businesses, schools, and public enterprises in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.

Delivering quality and exceptional value without losing sight of responsive customer service has been the driving force behind Dean Custom Awnings' work for more than half a century.

Many of our commercial awnings come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a ten-year warranty on the fabrics. Dean Custom Awnings also has partnered with the North East Canvas Products Association, Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, and Industrial Fabrics Association International in order to bring the highest quality commercial custom awnings in Connecticut to more businesses.

Dean Custom Awnings has two locations—one in Stamford, Connecticut, and another in Orangeburg, New York.

Custom Commercial Awnings: Quick and Affordable

Business owners are usually surprised at how quickly and affordably a custom awning can be designed and installed on their property.

Dean Custom Awnings can efficiently install your awning and even provide a digital rendering of what your awning will look like once installed. This will allow you to "test drive" your new awning before actually having it installed. You'll see just how much of a difference an awning with your company's name, brand, colors, and contact information can make.

But you don’t just have to take our word for the impact.

Lara, from Norwalk, Connecticut, writes that the Dean Custom Awnings service team “were quick and professional and finished the job on time."

William, another Dean customer, found that "they [Dean Custom Awnings] performed smoothly, fast [and] at a reasonable price."

The truth is that commercial custom awnings in Connecticut can be installed quickly and are priced much more affordably than you might initially guess. Plus, when you consider the return on investment of commercial custom awnings in Connecticut, then you start to realize that a custom awning might just pay for itself very quickly.

Get LEED Certified and Lower Your Energy Expenses 

The Green Building Council has what it calls LEED certification to mark businesses that are taking their carbon footprint seriously.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and getting LEED certification could have a number of benefits for your business, your community, your staff, and the environment. 

As it turns out, taking steps toward getting LEED certified can also dramatically lower your energy expenses. Shading a glass front door and windows on your property with customized awnings can create a more aesthetically pleasing exterior to your business and reduce heat gain from building up throughout the day.

Heat gain is essentially the temperature boost that your indoor facility could receive as solar rays from the sun enter your property and warm it up throughout the day.

Commercial window awnings can significantly cut down on heat gain and require you to use a lot less AC to cool down your property. It's a win-win-win for your business, your community, and the environment.

If you're a business owner in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania and want to find out more about designing, purchasing, and installing a custom commercial awning, then get in touch with Dean Custom Awnings today for a free estimate and to discuss the ideas you have for your business.