Getting ready to reno your home? Paint your home one of these color combinations to make first impressions count:

Gray + Slate Blue - A peaceful, neutral palette best fit for a mid-century modern style home.

Cocoa + Olive - Cocoa brown siding paired with olive brick steps will give your home that rustic, cozy feel.

Gray + Paprika Red - A dark gray and deep red color combination is eye-catching and complimentary. Go with gray siding and red trimming to make things pop.

Salmon + Jade - For an old world theme, choose these exterior colors, and pair them with brown shutters. The tones jade resemble rich jewel-tones and the salmon compliments, but the brown warms things up.

Gray + Cobalt - We love gray so much because it goes with almost anything. If you’re going for gray siding, paint your door a cobalt blue and then add white trim around your windows.

Black + White - A classic color scheme for any home, especially a historic country style. PAint the siding white, give it a black roof, and add charcoal gray accents.

Once you find the perfect color combination for your home, we’ll help you choose a custom awning to compliment. At Dean Custom Awnings, we offer a wide variety of awnings in different colors ,styles, and sizes. To learn more about our awning solutions and installation services, visit us on the web or call us at (845) 525-1193.