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Our Line of Fabrics

This is a small representation of the many colors and patterns that we have available in our countless awning fabrics.  We also have numerous offerings from other brands that you can find on the Their Fabrics page.

Exclusive Colors & Prints

Over the years we've had enough requests for certain colors of vinyl that we've had our own line of fabrics produced.  Our fabrics are covered by an 8-year prorated warranty and are only sold by us and our sister company, Creative Awnings & Structures in Naugatuck, CT.


Please keep in mind that colors on screens are unreliable and the best way to choose a fabric is to browse through our samples.

Our Solids


D-911 Sand

D-533-S/D-634-D Steel

D-550 Mushroom

D-733 Pine

D-650 Chocolate

D-722 Zinfandel

Our Stripes

D-53 Palisades

D-50 Buttermilk Falls

D-593 Bear Mountain

D-955 Nyack Beach

D-572 Demarest

D-55 Kakiat

D-592 Monsey Glen

D-48 Blauvelt

Interior Options



Design Swatch.jpg


Grey Stripe retake_edited.jpg


*The color of the stripes usually matches the fabric's outer color

Our vinyls come with three optional backgrounds.  You can opt for a plain white backing, a linen styled design in a tanned gray, or a colored stripe in which the stripe pattern will match the outer color that you've chosen for your fabric.  Ask your sales rep. to see samples for color accuracy.

Exclusive Colors - sliding gallery, click on images to reveal color name.

Exclusive Stripes - sliding gallery, click on images to reveal color name.

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