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Custom Made, Every Time

Our family-owned business began building custom awnings and structures over 100 years ago in Rockland County, New York.  We continue to maintain a full metal shop for building steel frames and a sewing room for creating the fabric covers.  We even got so good at building complicated projects that some of our customers began asking us to build awnings that convert into sukkahs, and half a century since then we continue to improve on our awning and sukkah designs, even offering exclusive colors and patterns that you can't get anywhere else.


The beauty of custom work is that we can do as much or as little of the build as you need and can take on complex jobs and wholesale projects.  We carry a vast selection of fabrics so as to offer the best options for every budget.


All projects are made in the same metal shop and sewing room, and can be built conjointly.  Our covers are made from high quality awning fabrics that will last many years when properly cared for, and new colors and patterns are available every year so that a change in fabric can quickly update your look using your already existing frame.

How it works:



Reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you.  We would also be happy to schedule your free estimate; or you can visit our location to speak with us while browsing our selection of awning fabrics.

(845) 425-1193

Or contact us by clicking here.



We'll send a representative to you to assist in brainstorming your project and its costs.  They'll show you samples of our most popular fabrics and will also measure the space.

24-48 Hours*

*May take longer for long distance jobs



Your rep. will bring your measurements back to the office where they will design your project as per your requests.  Once an agreement is met, an estimate will be created based on your design and specifications then sent to you for your review and approval.

Custom made every time

We work with your visions



An agreement will be reached that includes your choice in fabric.  A deposit will be expected to get your project underway, after which an estimated installation date will be discussed.

When You're Ready*

*We can't honor quoted prices indefinitely due to changing costs and staff availability, so don't wait too long



The size and nature of your job, and the time of year in which you order it, will determine how long your project will take to complete.  Your sales rep. will discuss this in more detail when you meet.

small projects take 2-5 Days While the largest take up to 2 Weeks*

*That time frame can be cut in half from November through February, but doubles from August through October



Your frame, should you need one, will be built from steel in our shop in the exact specifications of your project's shape and needs. 


You can also choose to have your frame painted for an additional cost, or powder coated for a more durable upgrade in style.

Made by hand On-site

For the ultimate flexibility in design



Once the frame is ready, our sewing room can construct the cover from the fabric that you've chosen.


Our frames are built to last decades; once you have a frame erected you can change the fabric cover based on need or desire.  In this way it becomes an investment in your property that can be updated or adapted to suit your changing needs.

Hand sewn On-site

Just change your fabric for a new look!



Our office will reach out to you when your project is nearly complete to schedule your installation, usually a two-day process but we do it all same-day as often as we can.  Payment will be expected upon completion; interest-free financing available.

In our slow season of November 1 through February 28th we expect to complete your job in half the normal wait time, and if you like we can store the fabric to avoid damage from potential snowstorms.  Come spring, you'll find yourself among the first on the installation list.

Generally 1-2 days to install*

*The larger or more complex the design, the longer we'll need



Common to most custom construction projects, installation and final payment come hand-in-hand.  If money is the stress that is holding you back, please ask about our 0% financing.

Interest-Free Financing available*

*12-month and 24-month payment options available, depending on how much you spend



Enjoy your [awning, sukkah, cabana, gazebo, vehicle cover, or other project] and may you create many happy memories with your new investment.  We wish you only the best that the world has to offer!

Have fun while keeping the weather at bay

We look forward to doing business with you again soon!

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