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Use & Care

Patio awnings are designed to help keep you cool during those hot summer days as well as rainy days.

Most of our awnings are built with a frame wrapped with fabric stretched over resembling the construction of an umbrella or tent.

A 3-season project will need to have the fabric taken down and stored every winter, as it will not have been built to withstand the winter elements.  The weight of snow will likely stretch the canopy causing you to need to replace it sooner than if you had stored it.  Not only will the fabric become saggy and unsightly, in rain the water will pool and seep through, waterproof capacities completely gone.

We offer services for taking down your 3 season cover, and rehanging it once the bad weather has passed. There is an additional fee to store the fabric or you can store at home in a cool dry place.

If you choose a 4-season project your salesman will explain what material you can use and what type of frame structure must be built to be able to tolerate most weather conditions. An example would be using an architectural vinyl fabric as an alternative from the 3-season acrylics. Your salesman can guide you to the best options for your planned use.

Retractable awnings are strictly designed for shade only and are not to be used during rain or wind as it can damage the unit permanently and voids warranty.

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