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We can build you an awning or we can build you an awning with walls, creating an enclosed retreat from inclement weather and pests.  Adding wall panels to your awning design is a tidy solution that enables you to quickly enclose your outdoor space or to expand your restaurant or business into valuable, unused square footage.


Check the "Use & Care" page to see how easy our wall panels are to use and store away.

Printed Wall Panels

Whether you're looking to make the space feel bigger or just want a more relaxing ambiance, we offer custom printed wall panels to add an extra special appeal. 


Keeping your every measurement in mind, we offer the ultimate customization for unique interiors.  If you can find the picture on Shutterstock, we can have our print team create wall panels printed with your image in a way that fits the shape and size of your space.*


*Please try to keep the dimensions of your project in mind when looking for your ideal picture.

Lake Scene Full.jpg

Not sure where to start?  We've taken some time to gather together a collection of beautiful landscapes from Shutterstock.  If you don't see what you want, just search through Shutterstock's collection until you find the right fit.  Whatever image you choose, just take note of its number so that you can share it with us when it comes time to order.

Lake Scene Oriental Full (1).jpg
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